Quilter's Creative Design Pro

Quilter's Creative Design Pro quilting pattern sofrware

Quilter's Creative Design
Quilter's Creative Design Pro

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No more spending money on expensive pantograph books and patterns! Use Quilter’s Creative Design or Quilter’s Creative Design Pro to design and print custom-sized pantographs, blocks and entire quilt layouts from your home computer. The new user-friendly software makes quilt design easier than ever!

Quilter's Creative Design Pro

Quilter's Creative Design

Professional Quilt Design Software
On Your Home PC

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Quilt Design Software Highlights

software pattern library

Choose From A Library Of Over 200 Patterns

quilt pattern design in software

Powerful Tools To Design Your Own Patterns

tracing a photo for quilt pattern

Trace Photographs To Make Patterns

pantograph creation in Quilter's Creative Design

Easy Pantograph Creation And Editing

quilt layout screen in Quilter's Crative Design

Layout Your Entire Quilt

quilt patterns being printed from software

Print Your Designs From Home

Software Feature Comparison

Quilter's Creative Design Pro

Quilter's Creative Design Pro Package

Quilter's Creative Design

Quilter's Creative Design Package
Features Design Pro
Create patterns, pantographs, and borders inlcuded inlcuded
Design entire quilt layouts inlcuded inlcuded
Print your designs on your home printer inlcuded inlcuded
Included library of over 200 patterns inlcuded inlcuded
Trace patterns from photographs inlcuded inlcuded
Panto Stacker: Quick and easy pantograph layout with powerful row placement options inlcuded inlcuded
Font Stitcher: Use your computer's fonts in your pattern designs inlcuded
Virtual Longarm: (Pantent Pending) Print larger patterns that are split and prepared to be sewn by machines with various sized throats inlcuded
Import and export patterns of different file types inlcuded